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Temper Companies has been a leader for 40 years in the field of bearing adjustment.  The firm offers precision components for use in bearing assemblies, speed control and motion control, and high temperature metal spring gaskets and seals. Temper Load Rings are engineered adjustable spacers for use with bearing assemblies.  They eliminate shimming using bearing shims and wavy washer technology, reduce the cycle time of bearing assembly, and enable bearing assembly automation in higher volume applications.  Any bearing assembly, especially those incorporating roller bearings, can benefit from the inclusion of Temper Load Rings in the design.  Temper adjustable spacers are compressed at a constant force (permanent adjustment) and can spring back a small yet constant value.  This enables accurate bearing adjustment which can include preload on the bearings. Speed Sense Magnet Rings are used in a wide variety of speed control, direction and speed sensing, counting applications, and motion control applications.  They are a lower cost alternative to formed magnets, and enable accurate position control.  Low profile rings are designed to be press fitted onto a shaft or hub for quick and easy installation. High Temperature, High Resilience Metal Spring Gaskets and Seals are roll formed single and multi convolute form spring seals for use at temperatures of up to 2000 degrees F.  Temper Companies also offers small, precision machined sealing gaskets of high performance metals such as Inconel with soft plated gold and silver coatings to assure leak free performance in gas and fuel systems. Rolled metal face seals of up to 6 feet in diameter have up to ten convolutes for exceptionally high operating resilience. Temper Companies is committed to supplying the complete solution to their customers including engineering design expertise, prototype fabrication, and volume manufacturing.  Staff works as a team of specialists who strive for exceptional product quality and cost saving solutions. Temper Set Gage and Temper Set Smart Press bearing assembly systems reduce assembly time and increase the accuracy of bearing adjustment, resulting in highly productive operations.

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